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Are you suffering from excessive snoring or breathing obstruction during the night? Are you choking, snorting, or gasping during sleep? Is the quality of sleep you get a night below par? Are you restless during sleep? Do you have more daytime drowsiness than normal or high blood pressure? If so you should talk to your doctors about obstructive sleep apnea and if a CPAP machine is right for you. 


​Take the Epworth Sleepiness Scale test now to see if a CPAP might be right for you – 


When using a CPAP machine there are many masks that can be used to best fit our patient's needs. 

  • Full Face Mask 

    • this is a mask that fits the full face including mouth and nose

  • Nasal Mask

    • this mask strictly goes around your nose leaving your mouth open

  • Nasal Pillows

    • tiny pillows that insert up your nostrils 

What is a CPAP Machine

What continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines do is gently blow pressurized air through your airway at a constant pressure that keeps the throat from collapsing. 


The most common CPAP side-effects are mask or pressure related. Some patients will experience


  • claustrophobia to the CPAP mask

  • nasal congestion

  • rhinitis or a runny nose

  • dry or sore throat 

While CPAP side-effects are a nuisance, serious side-effects are very uncommon.​

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